Coys Parking provide 6 month or 1 year contracts to park your car at Alicante airport. Within the contract period the amount of trips you take is unlimited and your car will receive an external car wash prior to your arrival. Our compound is fully alarmed with CCTV.

CARS €325 (1 year contract) €195 (6 month contract) €449 VEHICLES 4.5 METRES OR LONGER

1. Departure

Leave your car parked in the main public car park on Level 5B

2. Storage

We will drive your car to our secure compound in El Altet

3. Arrival

Your car will be waiting for you in the main public car park on Level 5B

Our compound in Alicante is fully alarmed with CCTV which allows you to leave your car with total peace of mind 24 hours a day.

About Coys Parking

Coys Parking operates in conjunction with Coys Rent a Car, an independent car hire company based in Torrevieja and Alicante airport for over 25 years.

Coys Parking offers a trouble free parking experience and gives you total peace of mind when your car is parked in our secure compound which is fully alarmed with CCTV.