On taking charge of a hire vehicle, the hirer must sign this contract thereby agreeing to the terms and conditions and the rates laid out herein.



Any damage to the vehicle must be reported to Coys Rent a Car within 24 hours.
The hirer receives the vehicle described on the front of this document in good order and condition, with all vehicle documents, tyres, tools and accessories and the hirer undertakes to keep them and drive the vehicle in compliance with the Spanish Highway Code.
The following restrictions shall apply:

– For the vehicle to be driven by persons who are not authorised.

– The Sub-Hiring of the vehicle without prior permission from the Leaser

– To propel or tow other vehicles.

– To use the vehicle for racing, competitions or challenges of any kind.

– To drive out of mainland Spain.



The hirer shall take full responsibility of the total value of the vehicle in respect of the payment and any costs incurred, if it is found that the driver is involved in any kind of infraction or accident and is above the legal limits.



The vehicle will be given on a same/same fuel policy

The fuel must be returned at the same level as given otherwise a refueling service charge of €30 will be charged.

Fuel type is not guaranteed

It is the responsibility of the hirer to make sure that the correct fuel is deposited into the vehicle, if not the hirer shall pay for any costs incurred. Any unused fuel is not refundable.



The hirer must have held a current full driving licence with no less than 3 years experience from the date of this contract, unless arranged previously with Coys Rent-A-Car.



The hirer must return the rented vehicle, together with vehicle documents, tyres, tools and accessories at the location and time stated on the front of this contract. Non-compliance with this condition shall entitle the leaser to charge the hirer for any missing item and or to charge the renter the rental rate for any extra days, as well as a penalty for financial loss that amounts to 100€ per day.

When the vehicle is left in a different place from that stated in the contract, the leaser may likewise charge the rental rate corresponding to the days needed to recover the vehicle and to bring it back to operating condition, plus the already mentioned 100€ penalty for financial loss, plus transport costs to return the vehicle stated in the contract. Coys Rent a Car have the right to claim the full value of the vehicle if the contract is not obeyed.



Payment is in full on collection of the vehicle, unless arranged previously with Coys Rent-A-Car.



In case of an accident the hirer agrees to the following action:

– To obtain full details of the parties involved, and of any witnesses, filling in an accident report which you have to send to the leaser within twenty four hours from the time of the accident.

– Do not admit or prejudge responsibility for the accident.

– You must not abandon the vehicle, adopting all the adequate measures for its protection.

– Immediately inform the police if the other party’s action must be investigated or if there are any injuries to any person.

-In the event of an accident or a break down caused by customer negligence Coys Rent a Car are not obliged to replace the vehicle.



The hirer has the benefit of a motor insurance policy underwritten by the leaser (Coys Rent-a-Car), against third party liability for an unlimited amount, providing the following conditions are complied with.

– That the claim is not rejected by Leasers insurance company, because of the driver being impaired whilst driving the vehicle, as specified by the Road Traffic Code. Loss, theft or damage to any property transported in the vehicle are expressly excluded from the insurance policy. The following are not included in the insurance:

– Tyre damage, wheel trims/alloys, interior of the vehicle, glass and underside.

– Punctures and blowouts.

– Clutch damage.

– Unexplained damage.

– Breakdown lorry expenses.

– The days the vehicle is not in use until repaired

To cover the above there is an excess of 300 € (Groups A-HH)or 600 € (Groups 1-K). These exclusions can be totally covered by contracting the excess waiver charge (EWC) at 3,00 € per day (Groups A-HH) or 4,00 € per day (Groups I-K).

– The changing of tyres is the responsibilty of the customer.



If there is something left in the car and the car is broken into, the hirer will pay the costs of repairing the damage in the car, up to the value of the excess. The Hirer is informed that any personal object left inside of the car is not insured.



Coys Rent a Car is not responsible for any belongings that are stolen, forgotten or lost inside the vehicle.



The hirer must pay the leaser:

– Those rates for rental, delivery and collection, insurance, fuel and taxes specified in the leasers current rates.

The application of the initially agreed charges is subject to the return of the vehicle at the agreed time and location.

– Charges for loss of documents and car keys. The hirer is also liable for the expenses arising from wrong type of fuel.

– In case of the vehicle being returned in such a condition, that we have to pay for a special clean by a company other than Coys Rent a Car, up to 100 € can be charged to the hirer.

– Any fines or legal costs arising from traffic violation or any other breach of laws, rules or local regulation by the renter.

– The group of car shown on the website is given as an example and may be given as something similar.

– If a customer wants to extend the contract and the car is not available, the customer must return the vehicle on the agreed date and time.



In case the hirer uses the vehicie to transport children under 3 or children over 3 years of age who are 150 centimetres tall or less, the renter must inform the leaser, who shall supply, subject to the corresponding rental charge, the appropriate compulsory authorised child safety seat according to the weight and height of the child or person who will be using it. Installation of the child seat in the vehicle must be done by the hirer.



The company Coys Rent-A-Car delivers the car to the hirer in perfect conditions in order to avoid accidents caused by mechanical failure of the vehicle of any of its parts. Therefore, Coy Rent a Car will not assume any responsibility or liability for any accident due to the mishandling or manipulation of the vehicle by the hirer or a third person.

The current contract is ruled by Spanish Law and any discrepancy which may arise with respect to the interpretation or execution of the same, will refer to the Spanish version of the same. Likewise the parties submit themselves expressly to the competence of the courts and tribunals of Torrevieja, renouncing any other jurisdiction. Having read this document, all of which is agreed to, he/she signs it on the date and place indicated at the beginning.



Pursuant to provisions of the Spanish laws in force related to personal data protection and services of the information society and electronic trade, Coys Rent-a-Car (Shuker-Haynes S.L) informs you that your personal data will be included in an automated file of personal data created and managed by this company, in order to manage the contracted car rental services, as well as to keep you informed about any leaser or other companies offers, products or promotions that may be of your interest, via e-mail, or any other similar means. You give your express consent to receive advertising communication via e-mail or any similar means. Said consent may be revoked at any time by sending an e-mail to Furthermore, your personal data may be disclosed to other companies of the transport and tourism sectors that cooperate now or will in the future with Coys Rent-a-Car (Shuker-Haynes S.L) activities, for marketing purposes. Finally, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification or cancellation by sending a written application to the Customer Service Department, Coys Rent-a-Car (Shuker-Haynes S.L) to the email address given above.



This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Spanish Law.