Conditions – Parking


  • Coys Parking will only release the vehicle when ordered by the owner and the details are inputted on the website.
  • Whilst your vehicle is parked within the facility of Coys Parking, your vehicle will be insured by Coys Parking in the event of any damage caused by our staff.



  • The client must ensure the correct details for pick up and return are inputted to the website. If incorrect details are given this may cause a delay of the procedure and additional costs.
  • All personal belongings including items and accessories that are not fixed should be removed from the car, the insurance will not cover these.
  • The vehicle should be returned in a roadworthy condition with all legal requirements in place.
  • To notify Coys Parking of any changes as soon as possible.
  • The client must provide Coys Parking with the vehicle key. Coys Parking are not responsible for any other key or keyrings attached.
  • The client will be liable for any legal costs and damages caused by incompetence while driving within the premises of Coys Parking.
  • The original documentacion including paperwork for the vehicle, a valid insurance policy and valid ITV certificate should be left in the car.
  • If the client is not the owner of the vehicle, any legal costs and damages that may occur will remain the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle (unless the damages occurred whilst a representative of Coys Parking were in charge of the vehicle inside of the parking facilities, outside of the parking facilities Coys Parking staff are covered under the client´s vehicle insurance)
  • The client must have available a spare key or key code in the event of the original being lost. Coys Parking take no responsibility if the client has no spare key.
  • Foreign plated vehicles must be legal to drive in Spain.



  • Coys Parking will not be responsible for any mechanical failure whatsoever while the vehicle is parked within our facility.
  • Any cost due to punctures or damage to tyres are incurred by the owner.
  • Damage claims can not be considered unless reported in the moment of pick up.
  • No liability is accepted for loss or damage unless to be proved negligence of Coys Parking.
  • Coys Parking take no responsibility for any damages or theft of accessories or parts of the vehicle.
  • Coys Parking do not accept responsibility for any damage to vehicles arising from acts of god. Acts of god need to deemed this by the government and the claim to be made through the consorcio has to be done through the clients insurance.
  • Coys Parking do not accept any responsibility of any damage caused to the vehicle by the weather or animals.
  • Coys Parking are not liable to provide car hire in the event of theft or damage to the clients vehicle.
  • Coys Parking are not liable if a vehicle is jump started and this causes faults to the vehicle.
  • If a car cover is supplied, we will fit it to the car without charge however any damage caused to the clients vehicle or cover itself will not be the responsibility of Coys Parking.



  • Payment should be made in full before the first date.
  • Termination of the contract can only be done by the named client and no monies will be returned unless agreed with Coys Parking.
  • The contract can not be transferred into another name.
  • Coys Parking reserve the right to cancel or restrict bookings.
  • Coys Parking have the right to retain the vehicle as a guarantee for any outstanding payments due to Coys Parking. If the debt continues not to be paid and once permission is passed on by a court of law, the vehicle can be sold to cover any outstanding debt and any costs incurred.



  • The client agrees to be fully competent in agreeing to this parking agreement.