New traffic Radars Coming Soon

Technology these days appears to be advancing at an alarming rate, and that also includes the technology behind one of the traffic police´s biggest weapons in the fight for road safety, the speed camera, with the latest incarnations able to pinpoint vehicles from a kilometre and a half away.

The Turcam II is the updated version of an already highly advanced radar detector and is currently undergoing rigorous tests around the road network before joining the arsenal of weapons used to combat bad drivers. This device incorporates new technology with improved detection capabilities that can detect infractions committed more than one kilometre away, with a maximum range of between 1,200 and 1,500 metres. It has dynamic autofocus, dynamic auto-iris, a large transflective LCD screen so that it can be seen perfectly in bright sunlight and a processor that is ten times faster than that of the previous generation.

The device has a 2-kilometre margin of error, much less than other models, and can take a precise reading in just 0.33 seconds, capable of working in both directions, recording both vehicles moving towards and away from the device.

With three readings per second, the device connects via WiFi and Ethernet to tablet computers used by officers at the roadside, recording the evidential images into the database directly.

The machine can instantly record the speed of a vehicle, up to 320 kilometres per hour, and can be used both in daylight and at night, providing crystal clear images in complete darkness.

Described as the ultimate tool for traffic enforcement, it´s not only speed that the devices can monitor, it is also capable of detecting other types of infractions. You can document aggressive driving, distractions behind the wheel such as using a mobile phone, not wearing a seat belt, or driving in prohibited lanes.

The new radar was introduced last year, but it is still in the testing phase. Tradesegur, the DGT radar provider, is carrying out a series of tests in different streets of several Spanish cities with the radar camouflaged inside a sleeve. For now, the exact location of these trials is unknown, but what has been confirmed is that once the devices successfully pass the tests they will be rolled out across the country, being used in both static and mobile locations.

Thank you to our friends N332 for this useful information.

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