Gran Alacant is one of those few places where old Spain blends with modern Europe; the hill is home to a wide range of Europeans (other nations are well represented too amongst the populace but Europeans (especially The British) make up more than 50% of its current population meaning that the area is a cosmopolitan mix of people, shops, bars and businesses unlike most places in Spain.

In 2001 the boom started in Gran Alacant and the ‘hill’ began to fill very quickly with foreigners, Spanish residents and holiday makers ready to take their place in the sun. Following on from the those early homes all of a sudden many more urbanisations were being completed, and all of them (bar none) sold out well before they were actually built.

Modern meets old

Although some may describe Gran Alacant as a ‘modern’ area it has some history too and established urbanisations, as well as the more recently built ones that offer fantastic views, especially at night. The bay of Alicante is like a flame to a moth for many (especially if you find yourself in one of the rooftop bars overlooking the city) and Elche and Santa Pola offer an attractive and alternative view too.

Good looking

Along with a good aspect from one window or another (or the terrace), most properties in the area have access to a modern swimming pool (some have tennis/football pitch too) for residents that are be well-maintained throughout the year.


The area is fully covered by all services these days with its own post office, town hall, local police station and doctor’s clinic. A modern primary school, a petrol station a 24 hour chemist along with spas gyms and much more, Gran Alacant is modern Spain at its best – it even has its own lighthouse, proving that here old Spain really does meet the new.

Along with its wonderful setting on top of the cliffs of Santa Pola, Gran Alacant also boasts a close proximity to the historical sea port of Alicante and its modern airport and the quaint and charming city of Elche; both of which are just fifteen minutes away by car and with Benidorm (45 mins) not too far away the things to do list may well need to be extended a little.

Eating out

Foods from around the world and around the corner (fresh Santa Pola seafood) offer the adventurous gourmet a rich menu to choose from but if all else fails to keep the little, the kids will find a McDonalds five minutes away!